Formula Questions - Javascript, Restrictions with Question Type

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I am trying to create some dynamic math questions on Canvas using the formula question type. However, I have a few issues that need answering:

- Allowing a range of values for each variable is too restrictive. What if I wanted a variable to simply not be zero? Do I seriously have to write two versions of the same question just for this? What about other situations?

- Variables created in the equation editor are recognised by the question, but then do not appear when the student attempts the questions. This problem needs to be fixed, especially for secondary mathematics.

- To create more dynamic questions, I need to reverse engineer questions so that suitable solutions can be found. For some questions, I need the values of some variables to be formulated to fit with other variables in the question. It would be a lot easier to have Javascript enabled within the Quizzes to make this work more efficiently. Is that even a possibility right now? Is there a nice way to make this work? Alternatively, to the Canvas people reading this, could you please update this as soon as possible into your quizzes, especially where I am teaching students in China online right now from Canada due to the pandemic and thus, heavily depend on such tools for assessments?

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