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Google Assignments: Resubmitted Status doesn't apply?

Our teachers are using Google Assignments (recently migrated from Google Drive Cloud Assignment). One feature they heavily relied on was notifications of a resubmission, especially the color-coded status in the Canvas gradebook for resubmitted work.  With other Canvas assignments not made with the Google Assignments LTI, the color-coded status is automatic

Teachers are using Google Assignments, returning work to students, and their students are resubmitting work. The color-coded status for resubmission is not applied in the gradebook. If a teacher navigates to the actual assignment page it says the student resubmitted in the LTI window but that is beyond ideal. Teachers need this status indicator in the gradebook. The only status indicator that appears to be working is "Late" but not "Resubmitted."

Is this a glitch or a wide-known issue? Is there a fix for this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Users who also had this question