New Math Quiz Feature - Sketch a Graph

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I would like to propose the following feature, but I wasn't sure how to go about it: 
New Math Quiz Feature - Sketch a Graph
We would like to be able to embed graph paper into a quiz where students can draw a sketch of the graph using their stylus. Desmos has a feature that allows students to draw a sketch. I wonder if Canvas would collaborate with Desmos? We would like the graph paper to be embedded directly into the quiz so that lockdown browser could still be used.
Although it would be great to have features that help students graph a line or circle, I would still like students to have the ability to sketch curves and asymptotes.
Here is a quiz question I assigned on a recent Calculus quiz: 


This was a non-calculator quiz where students had to use derivative tests to come up with a sketch of the graph. 
Unfortunately, I could not use lockdown browser for this quiz since students had to open up a new window to use Kami to submit their sketches. 
Thanks for your help!
I have tried to submit this as a Canvas Feature Idea on the Canvas site awhile back, but nothing ever ended up happening.
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