Instant feedback for each question in Canvas Quizzes?

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I recently integrated H5P with Canvas (I'm on a free trial with H5P) and love the way I can put in multiple quiz questions together in one activity so only 1 thing to grade. For example, my assignment goes something like this:

  • content to read
  • 2 multiple choice questions where they get immediate feedback as to whether right or wrong, and a chance to retry.
  • more content to read
  • 4 multiple choice questions, again getting that immediate feedback as they answer each question and a chance to retry
  • more content to read
  • a video
  • a drag and drop with immediate feedback and a chance to retry.

I was showing this to another teacher and she insisted she can do all that right in Canvas quizzes. I know that I can insert content to read, videos, and multiple choice questions in Canvas quizzes, but as far as I know the student have to complete and submit the entire thing just to find out that they got question 1 wrong. Then they have to redo the entire thing just to fix that 1 question they got wrong. She insisted they can answer one question at a time and get the feedback as to whether right or wrong as they go. She said all I have to do is change my settings in Canvas. What am I missing?

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