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New Quizzes completed display X

[Not sure if this question is already under discussion elsewhere. Please redirect me if it is.]

So I am using a new quiz format for a "survey" graded as "complete/incomplete". I am finding that, once students complete this, the result in gradebook displays as an "x" (as if it is incomplete). Once the due date passes, they ALL display as an "x" whether done or not (since I have gradebook set to grade "missing" assignments as zero). I thus cannot tell the difference between the quizzes that need review by me (I do have a couple of open-ended essay questions that need manual grading) and those that simply were not done. 

More effective would be to have these quizzes display with the "needs grading" icon and, once the open-ended questions are graded, automatically turn that into "completed". Even after I grade the open-ended questions and hit "update" at the bottom, the gradebook STILL displays the "x". Seems the only way to change this to a check mark is to do so manually, from the gradebook view. 

Is this only an issue because I have an open-ended essay type question on the survey/quiz? If all the questions were automatically graded would it then behave more reasonably and display as "completed"? Still, a "needs grading" icon would be better than an automatic "x" for a quiz that has been done but has a question that is waiting to be graded.

If this were an actual graded quiz, would it behave the same way (display an "x" when it is done instead of a "needs grading" icon)?

Am I doing something wrong?


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Users who also had this question