I'd like to put in a request to add the name(s) of the group(s) that students are members of within a class, inside of their class profile (see first screenshot below).

Sometimes, this information is helpful for faculty, especially when they've set groups to be self-assigned. Currently, they must go to the Groups tab and expand all groups to do a CTRL+f to search for students. This may be manageable (still tedious) for a small course with only a few groups, but for large-enrollment courses, this can be time-consuming in a way that defeats the administrative benefit of using an LMS for course administration.

Canvas Admins can see a user's Group information under User Account Details, but Instructors do not have access to this. Again, in order for them to find which group a student is in, they have to look through each group's enrollment, which is especially tedious when there are multiple groups in a course.




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