Unicheck giving errors on some submissions but not others

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Some assignment submissions are getting a black exclamation mark error in Unicheck instead of a plagiarism score. When we click on the exclamation mark, it says "Cloud storage file download failed"

They suggested that we try disabling Unicheck for the assignments, saving, then re-enabling and saving. So we did that.
This change resolved the issue on one assignment in one course, but not on another assignment in a different course.
We've filed  tickets with both Unicheck and Canvas, including more specific details about the courses and students for debugging purposes, but I wanted to ask here as well.

Is there any kind of configuration within Canvas that I should be looking at? I checked the External Apps page under Settings (accounts/1/settings/configurations), but it didn't look like Unicheck has any configuration settings I can change. (Note that we only have one account.)
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