Let's Talk about CyberSecurity

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I am a Canvas administrator and recently been tasked to complete a risk assessment of all of our data in all of our systems as a college. And while not my favorite task it has got me to thinking about all the What Ifs... 


So, my question is what if an institution is hacked or gets ransomware on Canvas - how do you recover your data? Is Instructure able to help with this? Should we be backing up our Canvas data somewhere or paying for a service to do this? 


With the way beta and test work would that be enough in the event something like this happened - would those be impacted as well? How could we prepare for this?


My background is originally in instructional design (and teaching Chemistry), and I am definitely learning more about cybersecurity as it seems we are having to be on high alert more. So I wanted to see if I could ask a larger group of admins who have faced this issue or have more expertise in this that have a plan in place. It really is everyone's responsibility to protect our systems but wanted to ask the community - what do you and your institution do to be prepared in the even that catastrophe strikes to make sure you can recover your Canvas data and how would you respond in this situation?

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