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I am a student and want to utilize Turnitin. Currently, only one professor has Turnitin "turned on" in which I recieve a similairy score when I turn in a paper and I have the ability to access Turnitin for pressing the green/yellow/orange on canvas. 

However, I am working on my Comprehensive Exam for my degree program and would like to utilize Turnitin, even though this exam is not affiliated with the courses I am in. Is there a way I can access Turnitin without having to access it through my class? Can I access it simply as a Canvas user, in which my school has a subscription with Turnitin (because my professors can use it or turn it off)? Or will I have to just turn in my drafts to the course my professor luckily has his turniton available, on a random submission for one of his future or past assignments? Thank You 




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