Quiz across two class periods: failed need help

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Hello: I am trying something new with one of my advanced undergraduate courses.  I took the online exam I have given in class and tried to have it open across 2 class periods, Monday (today) and Wednesday.  I assumed when students logged out that Canvas would pause their timer, and the 110  minutes would be paused, and the remaining time available for them on Wednesday.  This failed, and Canvas submitted the students after 110 minutes.  I tried to add 48 hours to every student, but that also failed.

I have given everyone a second attempt, but this  means they  will need to start over???  Can they save or copy forward answers from one attempt to another?  I assume I can toggle back and forth between attempts, but doing this for every student and adding the scores by hand and adding the one attempts score to the other as a fudge factor is  super inefficient for me and super frustrating for the students.

Canvas support tried to help on the initial request,  but since their answer was wrong I figured I would try you all.


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