New Quiz Moderations/Accommodation Questions (Best practice for adding extra time to a timed writing assesment)

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How are you allowing extra time for HS students with accomadations (504/IEP)?

📚 Scenario: We have an English teacher who is using new Quizes for a timed writing. All her students get 20 minutes. Students who are allowed more timer per their 504/IEP then come back after class to finish. She has a crosslisted course with 2 sections of 31 students each. They are co-taught courses with special education teacher- aprox 1/3rd of the students in each class have accomadations.

Her current class flow is having students take the timed writing in the middle of the class period. After the 20 minutes, the assesment auto submits. Then as a class they transition to other work/learning, etc.

Questions: When she click on the Moderate button allowing 1 more attempt w/ time adjustment of 15 minutes, it gave the students the orginal 20 minutes instead of the +15min. Is this b/c when you allow 1 more attempt, its a new session with OG settings?

  • If she simply moderates and only allows etxra 15 min does it show a 35 min timer when the student begins the quiz?
  • If she uses the Accommodation method for those students, do they see a 35 min timer?
  • With both methods above will the students need to submit on there own after 20 mins? Or will it auto submit and when student opens it again, will it then provide the extra 15min?
  • If student forgets to submit, does the timer run it's self out... all 35minutes?

👍 Best Practice: What is YOUR best practice w/Quizzes and accommodating students through Moderation settings?

Thank you in advance!!!!

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