Download original files for peer review

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Problem statement:

When you have an assignment in Canvas and want to use peer review, in the previous assignment interface, students had the option to download the original submitted file when peer reviewing a student. If the submitted file was in the form of a DOCX file, the student could download the DOCX file and read it in Word (and do annotations there). However, with the new assignment interface, this is no longer possible. When students are peer reviewing a submitted file, it can only be downloaded as an annotated PDF. This makes it impossible for students to practice the skills of using Track Changes in Word. It also forces students to have to do a workaround to export the PDF to Word to even try to do this... and many students don't have Adobe software to do this. 

Proposed solution:

It would be beneficial if students had the option to choose between downloading an annotated PDF or download the original file. In this case the teacher wants the students to do their review and tracking of changes in Word and later upload the file to the Canvas peer review assignment.

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