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Any known issues between Microsoft Edge browser and Canvas?

Discussion created by Bridget Irish on Apr 28, 2016
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I found this discussion from July-Sept 2015: Any information about Microsoft 10 & Spartan compatibility with Canvas?

as well as this question posted April 26 (2016): Detecting the Edge Browser

and am wondering if there is any more recent information, please,

about how this browser is working, or not, with Canvas.


So far, we know of one faculty who has tried working in Canvas via MS Edge v13 and experienced:


"When I go to upload a new file the "gear wheel" simply spins and spins after I hit upload - failing to embed in my information page.

I have discovered a work around by hitting "save" while the gear wheel is spinning: this saves the file to my course files.

I then have to go to course files to embed the file into my information page.

[...] I am not certain if this is due to new browsers from Micro soft, or what the deal is but it has not been fun..."


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Thank you for your time and help with this.

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