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How Do I Display Announcements by (Delayed) Date?

Question asked by Dr. Steven Mark Sachs on Jul 1, 2016
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In transitioning to Canvas from another course management system (Etudes) in which I had numerous (about 50) Announcements scheduled to appear on various dates throughout the semester, I first copied and pasted each of them as a individual, new Announcements.  Although I scheduled a few of them when they should appear (using Canvas' delaying feature), I scheduled most of these Announcements (temporarily) all on the same date.  My idea was to go to that date later, as I continue preparing my first-time Canvas course, to re-set the delayed-display date for each one to the date it should actually appear.


I have been trying to find a way to see all Announcements scheduled for a particular date only (the date where I set most of them temporarily), and I haven't been able to see how to do that.  My hope that I could see them on the Calendar was dashed.


If you could help me, it would be quite nice.




. . . Steve Sachs