Turnitin + Canvas: submissions appearing on the wrong assignment

Discussion created by jpoulos Employee on Jul 26, 2016
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Symptom: Students submit to the Turnitin LTI and Turnitin returns the submission to the wrong assignment.


Cause: Students who have opened multiple TII assignments in different tabs will see this issue. Turnitin stores information about the current LTI launch in the session. When a new launch is done the old launch data is overwritten even if the first launch is still open in another tab.

Detection: A submission will be missing from one assignment but appear on another. Generally, a student will be able to report this to their teacher since they know which submissions should belong on which assignment.

What’s already been done: Canvas has reported the steps to reproduce this issue to Turnitin and Turnitin has opened an issue with their engineers to investigate a solution.


Workaround: Students can avoid this problem by not multi-tabbing TII assignments, or by refresh the tab for the assignment they want to submit to before submitting.


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