Elicia Cárdenas

Using Canvas as a Plan book...?

Discussion created by Elicia Cárdenas on Aug 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Don Bryn


I am wondering if Canvas works as a plan book as well.  For example, I know that in my module "Family" we are going to sing a song, do a certain game, do another game, and do an activity called "windows", and read a book together.  But none of those activities are graded- they aren't  assignments, discussions, etc.  I know how to add assignments, discussions, collaborations, etc. to each module. 

What I want to do is add game 1, game 2, windows, book title, etc. (each activity) in the module and then see those activities on a calendar so I can drag and drop them e.g. if we don't get to game 2 on Tuesday, drag it to Wednesday, that sort of thing. 



Does anyone a) use Canvas that way, and b) know if it's possible to do that?