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Help with error, "Couldn't find valid settings for this link."

Question asked by Eric Donath on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Deborah Jaworski

I am authoring an LTI connector in PHP and I am running into this message when launching the external tool from a module.  I'm just at the "proof of concept" stage - trying to replicate in PHP an activity from Kevin Hansen's InstructureCon LTI workshop, where we used Python.  I made it through the workshop material with no trouble, but now I'm a little stuck.


I did the following:

Wrote "index.php" which prints outputs a simple HTML page w/ the POST variables passed to it.

Added App Config w/ url pointing to index.php, w/ secrets, set to Public, no domain or options.

Added the LTI to a Module as an External Tool.


I can navigate to the page outside Canvas, and I can post to the page.  However, when I click the LTI link in the module, I get the message above.  There is no auth at the moment.  As far as I know, Canvas should just be posting data to the page and displaying resulting HTML in an iframe. 


Any ideas/help are welcome.


Thank you!