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What is the student's view like when submitting late?

Question asked by Vanessa Simmering on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Anthony Bunag

I did a brief search of the general Canvas help and didn't find this, so was wondering if others knew: what does it look like from a student view to submit to an Assignment or Quiz after the deadline has passed? I had a Quiz with a deadline yesterday (and didn't realize I needed to set the Available dates as well as a deadline to prevent late submissions), and a student posted this morning. He didn't mention to me that he posted late, so I'm wondering whether it was obvious while he was submitting that it was late (and he didn't mention it to avoid drawing attention to it) or if it was possible he didn't realize it was late (he did submit by the deadline for a different Assignment today, so possibly he mixed them up). Sorry if this sounds confusing, I've found it a little hard to see what the student view is while actually making submissions.