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Viewing Late Submissions from Previous Quarter

Question asked by Craig Cadman on Nov 8, 2016
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Original Subject Line: How can I view a late student submission for an assignment due in the first quarter when we are now in the 2nd quarter?  I get a message that the grading period is closed.


I am using the grade book on Safari on my MacBook, viewing the student submissions via the speed grader.  I can see the 2nd quarter's submissions, but when I want to go back as see a submission from the 1st quarter I get the message that is is a closed grading period, and the little triangle in the upper right of the cell is not there as it is in the 2nd quarter grade book or as it was in the 1st quarter until this past week.  We were half way through the unit at the quarter break and I still would like the students to submit missing work and I would like to see it.