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Outside Rater Survey Results Reporting into Canvas?

Discussion created by NUC Wickham on Dec 8, 2016

Hi All,


I'm hoping someone has encountered a similar situation and might have some ideas about a course I'm working on!


In the course, students are required to fill out a weekly questionnaire. For some weeks, they are also asked to send a questionnaire to an outside rater and have that person rate them. This is currently done via a giant Excel spreadsheet with lots of tabs, which students take screenshots of and then add the screenshots to their weekly reflection, which is submitted as an Assignment.


The Excel spreadsheet format is not ideal - in an ideal world, there would be a form students would fill out and could send to outside raters, and all of the results would be accessible via Canvas. They wouldn't need to report into the grade center, but the student and the instructor should be able to access the form responses in one central place in the LMS for each student - which wouldn't be visible to other students.


Another wrinkle - we are on the quarter system and >100 students take this course each quarter, so it can't be something that we have to set up individually for each student. It can certainly be something that we can include instructions for each student to set up individually, but we won't be able to create 100+ of something each quarter.


Truly appreciate any help or suggestions!!