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Problem with Canvas Conference screen-sharing

Question asked by Maryann May-Pumphrey on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by Joseph Dibs

I have a MacBook Air which works perfectly fine for screen-sharing within Google Hangouts BUT not within a Canvas Conference. Since I'm teaching an online community college class, I really need to be able to share my screen with students!


The problem is with the display itself. When the screen-sharing window appears, the display is messed up--I see the colors that are on my screen, but everything is a diagonal swirl of lines--nothing other than the colors indicate that it's even my screen.


I've run this by both my college's contact and the after-hours support to no avail. Nobody has any ideas on how to diagnose the problem.


I've tried three different browsers--Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. All exhibit the exact same behavior.


Any ideas?


--Mary Ann M-P

De Anza College