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Can assignments be worth variable points?

Question asked by Emily Springfield on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Emily Springfield

Here's the scenario. Students need to be graded on their ability to take and interpret dental x-rays. The complication is that a patient may need a full set of radiographs (22 films taken at the same session), or a subset. (say, just the 6 for the upper-right quadrant). 


Currently, the process is done on paper. If a student takes 22 good films, they get 22 points. If they take 6 good films, they get 6 points. Each of these sets of films earns 100%. If they take 22 mediocre films, they earn 17.6/22=80%.


More complications:

  • They can take as many films as they want. (Though I think they stop counting after something like 500 films.)
  • It is important that they receive a quantity grade (how many films) and a quality grade (how well they took these films). So just saying "you are competent when you've earned 1000 points" won't work, because they are NOT competent if they just take 1250 mediocre films (1250 * 80%=1000).

Any thoughts on how to approach this?