Sue Elvins

I am building ideas by using a simulator

Discussion created by Sue Elvins on Feb 25, 2017

Good morning everyone,


I am sure the title has caught everyone by shock or surprise but once you get the reading my thoughts it might get your mind wondering. 


I wanted to share a few thoughts that have come to mind this morning while enjoying my coffee.. I don't know if there are any of you who have paid any attention to the simulation games but I discovered something called Super City which is a simulation game which you are physically building a city. This game which is found on Facebook is free has given me higher perspective when looking at building organization as it is helping me to see a new way of leadership into the future and how we all must work together when building a community. I had doubts at first but the more I got into using it the more I could actually begin building organization because it was far more than just a simulation game; this gave me a different approach now that I am looking through the eyes of a college professor and will be teaching college students. 

This may sound odd because there is use of a simulation game but the difference is my view is seeing matter from a college professor's point of view as well as a business leader's prospective. Here are my thoughts gathered. 

The creation of a community is just like a business, it starts with infrastructure; it must be strong and have what is needed to hold things together. Without a strong infrastructure everything will fall a part and it will be no good for the community itself nor for the citizens that are living within. That community infrastructure strength will assist in building a solid economy over time. How it will happen is by every resident within the community making the economy strong by purchasing goods and services of business owners.

Just wanted to share my achieving point of view; use the above thoughts to your benefit or not. Have a beautiful Saturday everyone!