Kay McLennan

Vote for a new profile picture feature in Canvas...

Discussion created by Kay McLennan on Mar 4, 2017

Dear Colleagues,


I recently posted an idea for a new feature in Canvas = setting up a pool of possible profile pictures (like flowers, animals, etc.) that will enable some degree of personalization without creating the potential for students to post inappropriate pictures.  Further, this idea is now open for voting -- @ Profile Pictures Drawn From a Fixed Pool of Images -- and I am posting this note on the Higher Education discussion board to see if I might be able to reach a larger group of [potential] voters.


My institution has not enabled the profile picture feature (owing to concerns over the possible inappropriate use of the profile picture by some students).  I teach completely online courses and firmly believe some sort of [differentiating] profile picture is needed to -- to make threaded discussions easier to follow.  I know there is a mechanism for anyone in Canvas to "flag" inappropriate profile images (and further, there is a "motion" to enable Canvas administrators to see who is flagging other students' profile pictures -- to guard against arbitrary/vendetta flagging).  Still, the idea of creating more work for our Canvas administrators (read:  creating a new task for Canvas administrators = tracking down the validity of flagged profile pictures) seems like a less than ideal solution.


Thank you in advance for your possible vote for this new feature idea.


-- Kay McLennan (Tulane University)