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Self un-enrolled bug

Question asked by on Apr 18, 2017
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A Catalog customer has reported that when she goes into her Canvas course for Catalog that some students (about 5) in her course appear to be missing from the People tab when she was comparing the enrollment reports from the Catalog Analytics tab. Come to find out, these students self-unenrolled (dropped) themselves from Catalog from within their Student Dashboard. However, the reports in Catalog are not reporting this action and are still notating that these students are active.
The solution to this so far is comparing the timestamp listed in their Canvas profile in the people tab under memberships where it mentions "enrolled as student" and "completed". Other than looking into this record, we would not have known where these students went. Here is a screenshot of what I am referring to:
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We think that this is a bug and needs to be reported. Please let us know if you see this bug as well.
It seems as if there is a button installed for students to drop the course, here is the documentation from Canvas that discusses this button:
I submitted a ticket to Canvas and here is their response:
Thanks for contacting Canvas Support. I'm sorry that you are having issues with having enrollments from Catalog not show as dropped in the Catalog.


We are aware of this occurring in the system. If the students for the course drop from Canvas, unfortunately, it doesn't pass back to the Catalog, though if they drop the course from Catalog it will keep the enrollment current for both the Catalog and for the course. For that reason, we recommend that the students drop from the Catalog, and not from Canvas on it, and that will keep the Catalog analytics current on it. Unfortunately, the students themselves would need to enroll in the course from Catalog and drop it from there to resolve that for you.
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