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Computer Programming

Question asked by Jared Tschoepe on Jun 10, 2017

Hello Canvas Support,

                                     I emailed my professor, Steven Hicks to help me with my second computer programming assignment twice, he told me to go to the tutoring center at Palo Alto College even though I live far away from campus and when I emailed him the second time I got know reply from him. I don't like him right now because of this. I'm trying to create a program in Dev.-C++5.11, then take a screen shot of the print preview and I can't create it right now because whenever I try running that source for my program and my professors program it says source file not compiled. What does that mean? Does it mean that I have to hit a button on the keyboard to compile my program before I run it? I attached my program so that you can hit run on it and see what I'm dealing with. Please get back to me as soon as possible since this assignment is due late tomorrow night. Thanks for your help, time and understanding.


                  -Jared Tschoepe, 900999079 and S.A.C. at N.L.C. Transfer Student since Spring 2015