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Paper Mark-up on iPAd problem

Question asked by Travis Cook on Jul 5, 2017
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Hello.  I marked up papers for a class of mine on the Canvas app for iPad.  I was very happy with the function.  I was able to write directly on the papers and the marks showed up.  I was able to save the corrections and enter a grade.  


Well, you know where this is going...  The papers had showed mark ups over the course of a week (on my iPad at least) and it seemed to be only and responsive.  (Several late papers came in as I worked, for example.)  Now there are no marks on the papers I graded.  The numerical grades are still entered.  I cannot even get the iPad app to open any of the papers now, including a few I did not grade.  And the students cannot see the mark-ups from their end.


I spent a long time grading.  Any advice on what I did wrong or how I can retrieve my marks would be welcome!


Thanks (and here's hopin'),