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How to automatically determine if course requirements are met?

Question asked by Joe Dolce on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Joe Dolce

Hello Canvas Gurus,
I'm working with a completely self-paced, online 100 level writing class at our university that has two basic requirements:

  • Students receive 80% on EACH of the (many) quizzes they must take
  • Students have turned in two of the X>2 Assignments in the course

Now that the course is up and running the professor responsible for the class has asked how they can automatically determine at the end of the semester whether or not these requirements have been met.

This course isn't set as a Mastery Path (none of our courses have been yet) and having no experience with it, I don't know whether it would do what this professor is asking for. If this is a viable option, could someone please explain how.
Thanks in advance,