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Start Linked YouTube Vid at Specific Time Not Working

Question asked by Eric Wrye on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by Suzanne Aurilio

I am very familiar with YouTube and the various ways to have a YouTube video start at a specific time.  However, none of the YouTube videos I have added to Canvas (via Link To Website URL) will play inside of canvas at the start time.  Additionally, any video that has a start time has a grayed out thumbnail (example image attached).  These videos, when clicked, enlarge to a medium size inside Canvas (as all vids do) but start at the beginning of the video regardless of the start time in the URL.

I have tried the following formats: 


None of these work to start the video at the specified time. And the first two show the video thumbnail as a gray box rather than the first frame of the video.  I do not want to embed the videos as iFrames because visually I believe it looks better to have the thumbnail that then expands and starts playing inside of canvas when clicked.  But I have not found any way to start the video at the specified time.


***Note - if instead of clicking the thumbnail to play the video inside of Canvas, the user clicks the link to open the link on a new page (YouTube) then it does start playing at the specified time.  What I want is for it to play at the specified time within Canvas.