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Is it possible to copy all Announcements messages at once?

Question asked by Ronald Ruiz on Jan 26, 2018
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When using Blackboard in the past, I could copy ALL Announcements messages I posted over the semester at once by simply highlighting them, and then copying & pasting them onto a MS WORD blank document for future use. I could accomplish this without having to open all messages one at a time before copying and pasting, because Blackboard provided instructors a function to open all messages simultaneously.This saved me time when I decided to use some of these messages the following academic term; I could just copy & paste these messages from the MS WORD document I created beforehand, as opposed to having to retype each message into the new class.


Will Canvas allow me to highlight, copy and paste all Announcements messages, without having to open each message one at a time? I post between 50-75 Announcements messages each semester, so this would be a time-consuming process to assume at the end of each academic term