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Subaccount Question Banks shared by multiple course instructors

Question asked by Kalli Binkowski on Jan 30, 2018
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Hi Everyone,  


I've got a complex setup and I'm looking for feedback.  I have a department that wants to setup question banks that can be shared with anyone that teaches a specific course.  Here is a plan I've concocted to try to meet that need.  Will it work?  Am I being overly complex?



At our institution, each section of a course gets an automatically created empty Canvas site linked to the enrollment.  Our subaccount structure has college level sub accounts with departmental subaccounts underneath.  Those courses are each placed in an their departmental subaccount.  We also have college sub accounts for courses that do not have enrollment.


Here's the plan:

  1. I create a subaccount for each course in our non enrollment subaccount.
  2. Each instructor for that course (there are several), gets a "Quiz Creation Course" in that course sub account that is not linked to enrollment.  We think we need to do this because moving the enrollment linked sites to a subaccount will remove them from the level at which our institution does reporting.  Having these creation courses allows us to leave the live enrollment courses where they are supposed to be.
  3. The sub account will house multiple question banks for that course.  We are thinking it will be Topic-subtopic as the name, which should allow instructors to easily find the question bank they need to choose questions relevant to their learning objectives.
  4. Each instructor for that course gets admin access to that course sub account.  I think this is necessary to allow instructions to add/edit/delete new questions and question banks.  We couldn't do this at the department level - way too much access to courses with student data.  Doing this in a lonely subaccount with only creation courses with no students gets around this.
  5. Instructors create the quizzes inside their "Quiz creation course" using their access to the subaccount question bank.  There they will end up with a running list of every exam they create.  They print out their quizzes (print preview sounds like the best option) if giving a paper exam or import the quiz into the live course that is linked to enrollment if they are giving computerized exams.
  6. For any changes in questions or to create new questions, instructors use their admin level access to change the subaccount question bank.  If we need to control that, we can designate one person in charge of the question bank. We need to train instructors that every instance of a question in either course that it is merely a snapshot of the question.  For changes to stay they need to be made at the subaccount level.
  7. When importing a course into a new semester instance, we would select content and not import the quizzes or the "unfiled questions" question bank.  I think that is possible?  That would eliminate a constant increase and duplication of questions in the live enrollment site.


My big problems are - Do I have to manually type in questions at the sub account level?  Is there a way to get questions or entire question banks from a course into the subaccount level?  I hear imports and API are not available at the subaccount level.


I'm also concerned about the new quizzing tool.  I'm told the beta version of the new quizzing tool has its own question banks and does not connect ot existing question banks.  I'm also told by Canvas help that before our current quizzes go away, there will be a process that migrates all current quiz content to Quizzes LTI.  And then afterwards there will be a read only view of some kind, of previous quiz content. But will this include question banks, and worse what about question banks at the subaccount level?


Ok all of you who are way more experienced than me, what implications and consequences do you see for this plan?  How can I improve it?


Thanks in advance for any help,