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Has anyone had inappropriate images show up in Flickr?

Question asked by Bobby Pedersen Champion on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by Bobby Pedersen

We had an unfortunate incident at a Canvas training today.

A teacher went into a page to start editing in Canvas. She selected the 'insert image' icon which took her to the usual options of Canvas or Flicker to select an image from. She chose Flickr. 

She typed in 'welcome' and a selection of photos popped up. One was of a very naked man. They saw the funny side but were also greatly concerned, and rightly so, that staff and students could be exposed to such images.

To follow up I talked to one of our tech experts. We tried to replicate the 'event' but the image had disappeared. Flickr had obviously got wind of it and taken it down?


Does Canvas filter its images?  How often does Flickr?