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Giving feedback to students based on grades and analytics

Discussion created by Tobe Baeyens on Mar 2, 2018
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I'm trying to develop some best practices to give students feedback, based on their grades, and the activity data. Sometimes a teacher will notice some unexpected behaviour (a student is not accessing the learning materials, is not participating in discussions, hasn't accessed the course for a long time,...)


It's easy to send underperforming students a message but what do you tell them. Telling them that they are underperforming is not always a good motivator.


I've looked into some literature and did find the following suggestions for interventions:

  • send them reminders about the expected behaviour (this is week 4, you should finish ... by week 5)
  • invite them for a personal feedback session
  • keep an eye on them, and send them a message when they do something good
  • explain them where they can find the learning materials
  • offer them extra lesson time (extra individual lessons, or extra lessons in small groups)
  • invite them to try some extra exercises
  • explain them how they are doing based on their grades (you have done ... now you still have to do ...)


I also read that feedback on grades and analytics should be used very carefully. Students don't like it when they are being watched, and will lose their confidence when they get messages about their underperformance.


What do you think? How do you use Canvas to give feedback?