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Gradebook Reset Button

Question asked by on Mar 2, 2018
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Am wondering if this is the location to make a feature suggestion?  We would like to have a "Reset" button (or something similar) added to the gradebook that instructors can click to remove all filters and arrange by settings to return the gradebook to its default state. 


Here's the issue for us. Our faculty have become confused after adding a filter and thinking they have removed it, but the gradebook doesn't change back to its unfiltered state.


They go to the View menu and select to filter by Modules, or Assignment Groups, or Section, and make a change and filter by one of those items. For example, let's say I filter by the module titled Week 1. If I decide to go back and remove the option to filter by Modules, the filter drop down menu disappears, but the gradebook still remains filtered by the last filtered setting. Removing the option to filter by modules doesn't change the gradebook back to its unfiltered state.

So instructors have to know  to go back to the View menu, back to Filters, activate that last filter used, and go back to Showing all, and not filter to a specific, in this case, module.


A reset button would make this so much easier. (Like the elusive easy button.)