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Has anyone used Canvas for faculty grading a student during a lab practical?

Question asked by Eva Shay, DO on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2018 by Eva Shay, DO

I need for faculty to be able to pull up the "quiz" and score the student in real time, rather than a student taking the "quiz". Our students have to demonstrate competency in diagnosing a physical dysfunction (somatic dysfunction) and then perform several osteopathic manipulation techniques for treatment. Has anyone used Canvas and the rubrics for grading in this manner?  


We are experimenting with various platforms/mediums for grading Clinical Skills Assessments - CSA (lab practicals) for our medical students so as to improve efficiency and accuracy in grading (decrease steps in the process in which errors may occur).  Currently we are using rubrics on paper, then entering the data to several individual Excel worksheets for each student, all of which is very tedious for each professor. The subsequent stages of calculating the scores for each subsection of the CSA, the final score, then collecting all of the students’ scores and comments for entry into Canvas is even more time consuming for the course director and administrative assistant.


One of the difficulties we have found is that we need to have a “kill switch” for each section of the CSA.  The diagnosis must score a 70% and each of the treatments must score 80% proficiency in order for each section in order to pass. The “kill switch” is to determine “automatic re-testing” for that portion of the CSA.  Once the student has demonstrated proficiency in a re-test, then a combination of the scores is generated for their final score.


Key components needed:

Professor scoring the student's performance of the CSA online rather than the student completing the "quiz"

Multiple rubrics (sometimes duplicate rubrics, other times different ones)

Drop-down/pick-list for technique names for each rubric

"Automatic Re-testing" if-then logic for rubric scores below a set threshold 

Ability to enter formative assessment comments for each CSA

Ability to recalculate the final scores after a re-testing if necessary


I've attached a sample of part of our rubric, if this helps understanding what I'm asking.


I’ve searched through Canvas and cannot find any references to lab practicals and I’m not sure how else to search.  Is Canvas capable of this type of evaluation?


Thank you!!

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