Emily Addis

Too Many Courses for Inbox?

Discussion created by Emily Addis on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by Kevin Hitt

I'm hopeful someone can help me out! We have quite a few people (admins, etc) that are in a long list of courses and need to send out emails to students via Inbox. However, because they are in so many courses, when they try to compose a message Inbox is almost non-functional. If we hover over 'more courses', it does start to list the courses, but the list freezes then disappears if we try to scroll through them (I have waited until they all load, but that takes a long time and still doesn't work) or if we try to type anything in the search field the list again disappears.


Am I missing something? We can't be the only institution that has people in a long list of courses - there has to be a better solution than constantly removing then re-adding people to courses just so they can send an email.