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Using the API to remove student enrollment

Question asked by Matthew Kaiser on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by Matthew Kaiser

Hi all,



The API is really useful, but how do I completely unenroll a student or group of students from a course, that had been  mistakenly added?


I can use the API's DELETE api/v1/courses/{$course_id}/enrollments/{$id} to remove the student from the course enrollment. But if the student is in a custom section they are not entirely removed from the section's enrollment list as well.


The only way I current see to complete erase a student's existence in a course/section, is to click the delete button of the student in the section's enrollment list page of the course.


If I my user has an itchy clicking finger and mistakenly enrolls 1000 students into a section with the SIS Import tool, they're stuck for an hour or two on the section page, manually deleting students and I can't have that.


I'd like to nuke the section altogether, but I can't if there are students enrolled in it.


Any ideas or buy Kapow and script the click-deleting on the webpage?