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Cascading Stylesheets/Javascript from Main Account to Sub Accounts

Question asked by Gideon Williams on Jun 9, 2018
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We set up a theme with attached CSS stylesheet and JavaScript in our main account.


We have a whole series of sub accounts (which is how we manage our different faculties).


Will the theme but more importantly the CSS style and JavaScript cascade down into the sub accounts?


I only ask this because we have been experiencing issues with deleting a Theme (and a different CSS stylesheet) from a sub account. I could not delete the theme only the stylesheet. I then had to save the theme which of course I did not want so now we have a completely different theme for a sub account. It would appear that I would have to manually ass in the CSS and JavaScript file? 


IMHO, the whole new Themes feature is not as straightforward as the one they had previously - am sure there are benefits but struggling to see what they are?