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Notify External App via API

Question asked by Ivan Kozhin on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Ivan Kozhin

Hello. We have Canvas external application that is hosted on our side. It utilizes LTS standard to get user information and send outcomes. Now we want to add new feature but not sure what is the best way to do that.


We want to track user status and disable thouse students (on our end) who are inactive on Canvas. If I understand correct, we can use "get single course" ( method and look at enrollment_state field. If status is "inactive" or "rejected" that mean the user has been disabled and we can disable him at our application as well.


But now we need to authorize our application using OAuth 2. The only way as I see is to generate developer key ( as an admin. Then this needs to be implemented to our external app somehow and we can get API token for user. With this token we can use Canvas API and get current user status.


  1. Is my understand of workflow correct?
  2. Can we use the API token to get user status on periodical base?


Thank you