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Glitch with Assignment Comments Box in Speed Grader

Question asked by Tania Jabour on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Courtney Courtemanche

Is anyone else experiencing a bug when typing Assignment Comments in Speed Grader? I've noticed this problem for about two weeks: when I am viewing an assignment in Speed Grader and I'm typing an assignment comment in the text box, the view/window keeps snapping back to the top of the page. It doesn't allow me to see what I'm typing as I go--the window keeps jumping around.


I'm using Google Chrome, and have tried this on two computers (a PC and Macbook Air), and it's always the same. The glitch makes it difficult to type more than a couple sentences in the assignment comments box, because the screen won't stay on the box as I'm typing! Is anyone else having this problem?


I suppose I could try using a different browser, but I always work in Chrome, I'm used to typing lengthy assignment comments without issues, and have never had this problem before about two weeks ago.