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Question asked by PARTHASARATI DILEEPAN on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Jim Sibley


My campus is considering a move to Canvas from Blackboard.  I am participating in the pilot this Fall 2018.  While I am above average in Blackboard I am a complete novice to Canvas.  At this point I am setting up my classes in Canvas and I have run into an issue with deploying SCORM in Canvas.


For one of my courses I use SCORM for online tests extensively.  I have two versions of the test for each chapter -- one is a practice test, not used in grading, and the students are allowed unlimited attempts, and the second version is the actual test, it is graded.  I allow two attempts for the graded test with the higher of the two attempts recorded as the grade.  This is very easily done in Blackboard as the options for setting the number of attempts is in the SCORM import page.


Now, in canvas, when I import SCORM I get only two import options, "import as ungraded assignment" or "import as graded assignment".  The "import as ungraded assignment" works well for the "practice" test.  But, the "import as graded assignment" for the actual test does not have any setting to limit the number of attempts to 2 or to choose higher of the two attempts as the grade for the assignment.  In Student mode I am allowed unlimited attempts for the actual test ("imported as graded assignment") like the practice test ("import as graded assignment") with the last attempted score recorded as the grade.


Since I am new to Canvas I am not sure whether Canvas has a setting for limiting attempts for SOCRM package imported as a "graded assignment" and for choosing how to determine the grade from the two attempts.  Any guidance is much appreciated.


Thank you, Dileep