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Can I modify the auto-created sections with a SIS import CSV?

Question asked by Angus Grieve-Smith on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Angus Grieve-Smith

We currently use the SIS Import API to create and modify our courses, users and enrollments, but we do not have a sections.csv.  Canvas automatically creates a section for each course, I believe when processing the enrollments.csv, but that section has no SIS ID.


Sometimes our faculty will change the name of a course, and our SIS feed will update the course name properly through the courses.csv file.  Unfortunately, that does not update the auto-created section.  I tried creating a sections.csv, but since that section has no SIS ID, Canvas just created a new section.


I see how it's possible to change the name of a section using the web API, and that's what we'll probably wind up doing, but I'd kind of like to do this all with the SIS Import API.  Is there anything I'm missing?