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CANVAS mobile application conversation limitations (reply all, forward, view message recipients)

Question asked by Tonya Hartman on Aug 26, 2018
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Do the reply all or forward message history features work in the CANVAS mobile application, in this case, iOS? And can you see the entire distribution for a message on the CANVAS mobile application? 


For example, a student contacted me with a question using CANVAS messaging. My mobile CANVAS application Inbox showed a message from "Jane Doe + 1 other." I could not see who the "1 other" was on my phone. I responded directly to the student with the Reply feature because I couldn't find a "Reply All" to make sure everyone on the original distribution saw my response. I forwarded my response to the instructor. The instructor said she could only see my response to the student and not the original message from the student (i.e. there was no message history included with my forwarded message). I had to go to the original message from the student and forward that separately on my phone.


When I looked at the same conversations on my desktop version of CANVAS, I could immediately see who was on the distribution, there was a Reply All feature, and I could forward a message and choose which historical messages with the same subject matter to include. I know the features are there, but are they limited on the mobile application?


Thank you. Tonya