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Concerning PowerPoints and the accessibility feature

Question asked by Kathy Reilly on Jan 21, 2019
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I am adding PowerPoints that came originally from the publisher of my text for the new edition of my text.  I have created a page for each chapter's PowerPoint, and for most of the chapters, I have had no problem - the files uploaded to Canvas, then I linked to them on the page, and received the link, plus the accessibility symbol indicating how accessible each file is, plus the arrow for choosing to either  preview, download, or access alternative formats.  My problem is that for 7 out of 14 files, I'm not being given the accessibility indicator or the arrow - I'm just getting a 'preview the document' symbol, with no ability to do anything for accessibility.

I have looked at the HTML code for both the chapters that seem fine and those that aren't, and I don't see any difference.  I have done exactly the same thing for each page/file.  So what am I missing, and is there any way to correct this?

Please see file below for screen prints of what I'm talking about.

Thank you,

Kathy Reilly