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Canvas Conferencing BigBlueButton w/o Flash

Question asked by James Wallerstedt on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

I want to use Canvas Conferencing in my classes but not while it continues to require Flash. Flash has been in the process of being phased for about 5 years and does not run on mobile devices. Also, many desktop browsers no longer have Flash installed. 


Canvas Conferencing uses the software which has always required Flash. However, they now have an "HTML5 Client" version of their system which has either already been released or is near release.  This page on their website has background info but does not give a definite release date. There is a link from that page to try their new "HTML5 Client" version which I just did. 


However, if I activate Canvas Conferencing in my class container, I see that it still requires Flash. 


My question: Is there an ETA as to when we can use the HTML5 Client version of "Canvas Conferencing" in our courses? If already available and-or if there's something special our campus administrator needs to do to enable it, please mention. Thanks.