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Attendance tracking alternatives (Online/Onsite)

Discussion created by Rob Torres on Feb 22, 2019
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Hello everyone,


I am conducting some preliminary research for my school on Attendance tracking alternatives (not roll call). This is what I have so far.


If anyone has used any of these products or has any recommendations for Attendance tracking with a Canvas integration that would be great!


Name of School


3rd party?

University of Mississippi

Swipe card

No, homegrown

University of Missouri-Kansas

Web/Phone app

No, homegrown

University of Houston

Iclicker software

University of Utah

Exlibris Campus attendance

Austin Community College



iBeacon IOS/Android


Ohio University

Top Hat App

Top Hat

Indiana University

Secure Attendance

Top Hat

University of Illinois

Card reader


 University of Central Florida (UCF)

 QR Code


I have also found Student Attendance Tracking Software for University or College as a possible solution.


The core objectives are:

1. Ability to integrate with Canvas

2. Onsite: Card scanner functionality or manual instructor entry

- IOS/Android support for QR codes

3. Online: Auto based on student participation

4. Reporting: both instructor level and big picture

5. Optional: geofencing to prevent students from passing out attendance codes.


Thank you,