Andrew Carver

Does anyone have criteria for deleting user profile pictures?

Discussion created by Andrew Carver on Apr 25, 2019

Hi All, I'm looking for best practices/criteria for deleting user profile pictures. As you likely know, it's fairly common to get accidentally reported profile pictures in Canvas, but what happens when you get one reported that's somewhere close to the line?


We have no way of knowing if this was an accidental report, and there's no "report reason" of the photo. Where do we draw the line? 


I think there are clear-cut cases where there's a problem, but what about things like pictures of historical people or fictional characters who do really bad things but whose image is not well-known or outright offensive? Such a scenario makes me wonder if the report was because it clearly isn't the person, or because someone recognized it and was triggered.


Anyone have experiences or criteria you want to share?