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Can colors/highlighting be used in the Discussions?

Question asked by April Campbell on Jun 4, 2019
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I provide extensive feedback on my students' drafts. I open their MS Word documents and use highlighting and red font to insert comments/feedback. I then copy the draft with my comments/highlighting and paste it into the discussion post as a response to their draft.  When I went to post my feedback to the Peer Response Discussion, none of my highlighting or font colors showed up, making my feedback indistinguishable from the student's essay. It was all the same color.


I realize I could use an attachment, but the whole point of the draft response discussion is for others to read drafts and my feedback.

Is there a way to preserve the comments and highlighting on the Discussion so they stand out to the student?


Below is a sample of what my feedback should look like, but when I posted it in Canvas on the discussion, everything was the same color and nothing was highlighted: