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End User questions about user data

Question asked by Terry Mulcaire on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by Jared Stein

I've been using Canvas as a teacher for several years.  I'm pretty familiar with the user interface.  But I'm not very tech savvy, so I may struggle to articulate these questions.  These are end user questions.


Students have been asking questions about what happens to our/their data stream, that is, the sort of data collected, I believe, by the Live Events feature: generally, data about user interaction with/behavior on the Canvas site.  So, a few questions.


What use does Canvas/Instructure make in-house of this data?  Does it run the data through machine learning/AI?  If so, what does Instructure do with the products that emerge from those processes?  Does it use the products to improve or develop Canvas or other Instructure products?  Does it use the products for any other purposes?


What role does Google Analytics play for Canvas/Instructure in processing this data?  Does GA process the total behavioral data stream of Canvas users?  If not, what are the limits of the data GA has access to from Canvas?


If so, is that data anonymized before GA processes it?  (I have told my students that I assume the answer is yes, but it would be nice to have confirmation.)


Does Canvas/Instructure directly or indirectly sell user data to advertisers?  Students have noted the "Targeting and Advertising Cookies" section of Canvas's Privacy policy, which seems to indicate that the answer is yes.


I appreciate any answers you can give.

Terry Mulcaire, Santa Rosa Junior College