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Help with Mastery Paths

Question asked by Jeneen Hill on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by Jeneen Hill

I am struggling to get Mastery Paths up and working.  I have it set up, or so I thought, but here are some things:

1) Do I set the starting point quiz up to "Everyone" or to "Mastery Paths?

2) I had it set up how I thought it should be, and I signed in as a test student, and I was able to see (and access) the first item in each level, but could not see the starting point quiz (this was set up as Mastery Paths)

3) I switched the quiz to "Everyone" and then the test student was able to see quiz, took the quiz, and then the first items on two groups were viewable. 

4) Also getting a "locked until Quiz is graded" (when logged in as student) but it is a quiz, and should self grade. Says "locked" but I can still get into the documents. 


I have done what I can think of to problem solve.  I will attach screen shots.  Any help would be appreciated.